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The I. S. I. Companies are continuing to expand and are always seeking highly self-motivated, energetic and enthusiastic people who are entrepreneurial and want to succeed in the world of insurance and financial services!


1) Contact us for opportunities as a Personal Producing General Agent, a General Agent with a current sales team, or as a Managing General Agent with a marketing group below you -- we are equipped and have the contracts and companies to help any organization grow.

2) We are also seeking to add new or existing securities brokers to become Registered Representatives of Ameritas Investment Corp. Services (AIC) . AIC includes wrap , managed and other fee based accounts for those registered as Investment Advisor Representatives.

3) Learn the estate planning marketplace with our top quality estate marketing teams.

Call us to find out how you can enter the exciting world of Revocable Living Trusts, Irrevocable Insurance Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts and --- probably the hottest product around -- "The Family Foundation" for preservation of larger estates.

Call 309-682-3314, fax to 309-682-3867 or contact us!