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The I.S.I. Companies

The I.S.I. Companies

President, CEO


The ISI Companies were founded in August, 1984 by Frank and Dalyne Mooney.  Previously a nationally recognized Branch Manager of a large insurance company, for nine years,  Frank and Dalyne decided to

establish their own marketing firm, under the heading of Insurance Services, Incorporated. and its marketing division , I.S.I. Marketing . Quickly, they decided to add more companies and names as their firm

grew.  The services of a medical claims filing,  tracking,  accounting and recovery service were added with I.S.I. Claim Services, Inc. with its trademark of Pro-ClaimsTM and later Med-I-ClaimsTM .  As the

investment side started growing, first with mutual funds and variable annuities, later full investment services and then investment advisory, the dba of ISI Consulting was added with emphasis on Estate,

Charitable, Retirement , and Wealth Management planning services for clients.  Now, continuing that growth, I.S.I. Investment Services, Inc. has been added as we continue to grow.